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Savvy Deals and Making Dollars

let’s talk about some savvy deals and making money online. If you want to cut out a lot of time searching for deals, I suggest you become an amazon Prime member and check the daily deals and lightning deals. There are new ones everyday and it’s always one of the best deals on the net. You can even join amazon Prime and try before you buy with a 30 Day Trial, you won’t be charged until the trial is over, you can easily cancel anytime.

Making money online has never been easier. We suggest to start with Rewards Sites. These are also known as GPT sites and Prize sites. The premise is simple, you join, login, look at advertiser offers, watch videos,take surveys,refer friends and other stuff to gain points, then you turn your points into cash or gift cards.

We recommend using sites that are well known and established, there is a nice list of sites on The one rewards site that we recommend most is, the site has useful guides to help new members, great support and easy ways to earn points.